COVID-19 and 1950s Glam

As we have all watched with horror the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, not only our lives but many essential services have had to adapt to the new changed conditions.


The 1950s Glam store continues to operate and we have taken steps to keep our staff protected during this challenging time. Our customer service is handling inquiries and processing all customer orders within our usual timeframes.


As many airlines around the globe have suspended or cancelled their flights due to the virus, this has caused global as well as domestic shipping delays in most countries around the world.
This does mean that although we are processing your orders as quickly as possible (generally within 1-2 days), your parcel may be delayed and you may receive it later than the average delivery timeframes suggested on our shipping page.

If you needed the dress or skirt you ordered by a particular date and aren’t sure if it will arrive by then, we recommend that you contact us first before making an order to check if it is likely that it will reach you by the time you need it. Of course we can’t guarantee shipping times as they are outside of our control, but we can give you an idea based on your location and current delivery timeframes, how long the parcel might take to reach you.


We have always had a 60 day returns and exchanges policy so there is no need to worry about getting any items back to us in time even with the current postal delays. But of course, as usual, please contact our customer service at [email protected] before posting any items back to us.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Your 1950s Glam team