Shopping for a dress is sometimes a daunting task. Especially if the event we need it for is fast approaching and we haven’t even started searching yet. There are always so many options to choose from but why not go with a layered dress? They range from simple and pretty to dresses with a lot more details and decoration. Layered dresses come in tons of different beautiful styles. And did you know that there are some great benefits to having layers? It’s like they have their own built-in slip. This means you can protect the delicate fabric of the top layer from perspiration or rubbing against your skin. It also helps the dress fall nicely and helps prevent any cling. Here are a few examples from our range of lovely layered dresses to add to your wardrobe:

The Little Black Dress 

Anna Black Lace Retro Style Pencil Dress

You may have heard that every girl needs a classic, elegant little black dress in her closet. And it’s true! It’s the perfect dress for every occasion. You can wear it virtually anywhere. So, why not give it an extra flair with a layered black lace look, like with the Anna Black Lace Pencil Dress. It’s stylish and feminine, it can be dressed up with shoes and some jewellery or worn as is. And it’s easy to pair black with any other colour. You can make it pop by adding a burst of colour with your accessories or keep it simple and elegant with neutral tones. It’s up to you how you make this classic little black dress lift your style.

A Double Layered Evening Gown

There are so many events that you need to have an evening frock for. Prom might come to mind or maybe you’ve been invited to some weddings in the near future. It can get quite warm sometimes which is why a layered dress is a great addition to your wardrobe as the bottom layer will help your dress from sticking to you and ruining the lace. And very importantly, an extra layer will also come in handy to make sure that that lovely, light fabric which the dress is made of doesn’t reveal any more than it should. If you get our drift. 😉

A favourite colour for proms and weddings is soft pink, such as the beautiful Lily Pink Retro Evening Dress.

Lily Pink Retro Evening Dress

It’s elegant and perfect for a variety of formal events and if you’re not a ‘pink’ kind of girl, it also comes in purple, burgundy and navy blue.

Summary Florals 

What says summer better than florals! They’re feminine and pretty. Add layers to your floral look and you have a beautiful summery gown for your next summer party. Not sure what I mean? Imagine yourself spinning around on a warm summer’s afternoon wearing the Kathleen Aqua Embroidered Evening Dress. It’s the perfect dress!

Lady in Red

Have you ever seen an old black and white film? Everything seems grey. You can really feel the monotony of the black and white tones.  What it really needs is a pop of colour and there’s no better colour to do this with than red. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a black and white movie or heading out to your prom or a ball, red will make you feel like the star of the show, turning everyone’s heads. Red is quite simply a classic stand out colour and while many girls might feel like the classic fire engine red is just too much for them, this is where other lighter or darker shades of red come into their own. Walk into a room in The Victoria Off The Shoulder Red Lace Vintage Dress and all eyes will be on you. It’s a classy touch with a vintage 50s feel and of course it’s double layered, to give you that extra swoosh as you walk. There’s just nothing like the way a red dress makes you feel when you wear it.

Victoria off the shoulder burgundy lace vintage dress

With layered dresses, you can have any classic style you want from the little black dress to a summery floral. And the extra layer simply adds a soft, elegant touch to your look. Just perfect for your next special event. Hopefully we’ve helped you pick out your new favourite!

Victoria off the shoulder burgundy lace vintage dress