In part 2, we look at a some more modern celebrities who love to style vintage and do it well.

Of course any discussion of retro-styled celebrities or those with a resemblance to Betty Page would not be complete without our next celebrity who openly admits to having been inspired by Betty.

And the lady in question is of course, Dita von Teese.

1. Dita von Teese

In an interview with New York Magazine in 2016, Dita mentioned how when she was working in a lingerie store she became: “…obsessed with lingerie and femininity and women’s clothing in general, wanting to dress like a lady in lace.”

This eventually led to her career as a burlesque star where she was inspired heavily by pin-up stars and burlesque dancers of the past. Bettie Page was a particular inspiration for her, as she says in the same article: “I want to be the most famous pinup girl since Bettie Page.”

Dita von Teese Bettiesque Huffington Post
Dita channeling a little Bettie. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Dita has certainly achieved her aim. She created elaborate burlesque performances which were initially aimed at men, starting off in strip clubs and fetish parties. However as her career developed she was delighted to discover that women were inspired by her as well. She notes in New York Magazine that she thinks it was because she was open about being self-created. “I’m not much to look at without makeup on. It’s a glamour that I’ve created.”

Photo credit: Mireille Ampilhac

If you’d like to read more about Dita’s fascinating story, head over to New York Magazine.

Dita has carried through the great vintage styling of her burlesque performances into everyday life. She clearly relishes dressing up in the style of the 1940s and 1950s and what we love about her is that even though some of her outfits can be very elaborate at times, as she shows in the pictures below, even a dress with a little vintage styling does the trick for a lovely look.

Dita von Teese And-Natalie-Imbruglia
Dita and Natalie Imbruglia at the Cartier International Polo Day 2008. Photo credit: MarieClaire

And here, some more of Dita’s casual vintage styling:

Photo credit: just jared
dita von teese in vivienne westwood
Photo credit:

But we couldn’t resist this final picture of Dita doing her grocery shopping. Dare we say it, groceries have probably never been purchased in more style!

Dita von Teese +grocery+store
Grocery shopping in vintage style
Photo credit: The Glamorous Housewife

Our next celebrity is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Betty Page look. But that only goes to show how well retro style clothing can suit different shapes and sizes. A famous pop star that is tall, blonde, leggy and super slim, Taylor Swift is our next retro lady.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in vintage inspired dress
Photo credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has the looks of a catwalk model. Tall and slim with long legs she could get away with wearing pretty much anything. Like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel she typically wears quite feminine styles, often in dresses and girly accessories.

Taylor swift in vintage inspired print dress
Photo copyright RPA

Taylor often works a vintage style into her look, favouring floral tea dresses and high waisted two piece halter neck swimsuits.

She even says of her style that she wants to feel like a 50s housewife. As the star herself told Harpers Bazaar: “Whether it’s a summertime dress that makes me feel carefree, an evening cocktail dress that makes me feel fancy or a vintage dress that makes me feel like a ’50s housewife — which I enjoy feeling like, for some reason — I just really like dresses.”

Taylor Swift in yellow vintage floral dress
Photo courtesy of

Like the other ladies we have featured, Taylor also likes to dress in the vintage look for casual days out, not just for special occasions.

Taylor Swift in vintage style floral dress
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

We think she’s a definite modern vintage style ambassador!

3. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson in a vintage print floral dress
Scarlett Johansson in a vintage print floral dress

Scarlett doesn’t always wear retro style but when she does, she really suits it. The star has often looked like she’s stepped out of a Hitchcock movie in a glamorous vintage style dress, wavy hair with a Victory roll or pin curl and a classic red lipstick to match.

Scarlett Johansson at the Venice Film Festival
Photo courtesy of
Scarlett Johansson in vintage style Dolce and Gabbana
Photo copyright: Startraks Photo and Rex Features
Scarlett Johansson in red vintage look
Photo courtesy of

Scarlett doesn’t always turn to the retro look in her ‘real’ life though. As she told The Guardian “…though I love 40s fashions and think those dresses suit my body, they rarely influence my real wardrobe.” Instead she moves between “at times exceedingly feminine, and often completely androgynous. If I’m going out at night, and not to a big event where I’d wear a gown, I’m in an androgynous look. I’ve always loved that Marlene Dietrich style.”

Scarlett Johansson in a vintage boy outfit
Wow, we certainly wouldn’t have recognised Scarlett here! Photo copyright: W magazine
An androgynous Scarlett Johansson
A very androgynous looking Scarlett Johansson

And although we don’t have anything resembling Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous style at 1950s Glam, we have to say, as die hard fans of Marlene Dietrich, we applaud Scarlett for her choice of vintage inspiration and love her androgynous look too!