We know what a pain it is to pay for postage on your goodies, so no matter what the value of your order, here at Glam, we will deliver your dresses anywhere in the world for free!

We source our dresses from a number of brands and manufacturers around the world and our fulfilment centres are primarily located in China and in Australia. As such, while we are a 100% Australian owned and operated company, due to business needs, your order may in fact be shipped to you from our fulfilment centre in China.

Please check our guide below for the approximate delivery time for your order from the time it is dispatched. While we always endeavour to process your order within 1-2 days, your order may take between 1-4 days to dispatch so please add this timeframe to the approximate shipping times quoted below to arrive at the approximate total number of days your order may take until you receive it.

USA & Canada c.10 – 15 working days
Australia c.10 – 15 working days
UK c.10 – 13 working days
European Union c.10 – 15 working days
Rest of the World c.15 – 20 working days

These delivery times are on average, from the time your order is dispatched and depend on your location as well as other external factors. Because of this and because we rely on external 3rd parties for delivery that we do not have any control over, we are not able guarantee a delivery timeframe with our free shipping.


Shipping delays routinely happen. If you need the dress you would like to order today for an event let’s say exactly 2 weeks from today, your dress may not arrive in time. Please therefore allow a buffer of several extra days when you make your order to allow for such delays as well as for order processing time.

We know that returns can be annoying and costly, especially international ones. For this reason, if you would like to risk it and still wish to go ahead with the order, please consider if you would still want the dress, perhaps for another occasion, in case it does not arrive in time. Alternatively, for a faster delivery, please make your order with courier rather than standard shipping.


We understand that sometimes a girl just needs her dress in a hurry. If you can’t wait and need your order to arrive sooner, you can pay to have it delivered by express courier. Orders sent by express courier will generally arrive within 7 working days of the parcel being dispatched but please note, we rely on 3rd parties for logistics and shipping and there may be times when your order may be delayed or held up for reasons beyond our control. We are therefore unable to guarantee this timeframe.

Since there have been occasional delivery delays on the part of courier companies recently, if you need to have your order delivered in a hurry, please contact us first before making your order on [email protected] with details of when and where you need your order delivered by so that we can give you an idea if delivery will be possible by the date required. We will also confirm the exact cost of the courier and advise you of this before you make your order.

Though we will do everything in our power to ensure that you will receive your urgent parcel on time, because we have no control over courier and freight companies or a country’s customs clearance procedures, please understand that should you arrange express shipping for your order, you do so at your own risk as we are unable to 100% guarantee that it will be delivered by the date you need.

All orders shipped by courier are also tracked with a tracking number and we will send you the tracking number in an email once we have received it from our logistics partners.


In some countries, there may be customs and duty fees charged by the government of the destination country which the buyer is required to pay. The charges vary and we do not have any control over these so if you are concerned about any such potential charges or whether they apply, please contact your country’s customs authorities to get more information.

Please note: If you refuse delivery of the order you made with us, you will have the cost of return shipping as well as any customs/duties/fees charged on the order by your customs authorities as well as ours deducted from your refund.